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Heal Your Ability To

Manifest and Sustain
Happy and Healthy Relationships

With Intuitive Healing

“ Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate ~ Carl Jung
Intuitive Healing

Move beyond relationship challenges, heavy karmic complexes, and other issues that keep you stuck. Enlighten your unconscious beliefs, assumptions, and agreements with yourself, others, and life so you can truly manifest the relationships you came to this life to have, to own, and to Love.

  • Get closure on break-ups

  • Release attachments to part partners

  • Heal from past difficult experiences

  • Recover from abusive relationships

  • Improve existing relationships

  • Free yourself up to attract positive, new experiences into your live.

Meet Braden

Hi, I am Braden Ong. I am certified to offer cord cutting sessions, release earthbound spirits, and a variety of astral debris, and I am personally recommended by Anna Sayce.

I often get asked: "Do I need cut the cord with my ex or not?", "What does cord cutting mean?", or "How do I know if I'm ready for cord cutting (with someone) or not?".

The unobvious but important question here is really a question behind these questions: do you feel that something is intuitively bubbling up (i.e., from your subconscious mind) that is leading you to become curious about some kind of unhealthy influences or thoughts in your mind that just don't seem to align with your core character?


This phenomenon of having unhealthy thoughts that feels "foreign" and "so not you" is much more common and pervasive than you can imagine (unless you are professionally in the field of intuitive healing). Many people have these inklings, but most of us disregard them​ due to social conditioning, fear of being ridiculed by others, or not knowing what they are about and just accepting those thoughts as their own.

The good news is that there is a process to navigate this space, learn more about the energies by bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness, correlate them with your past experiences, articulate and contain these energies with the power of words, and willfully release them from your field.

In your free consultation, I will explore with you the types of unhealthy forces that are influencing you and strategize a plan for you to release them, understand the meaning of these forces in your soul evolvement path, and explore with you the energies you'd like to embrace going forward.

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